Book a Fishing Adventure on the “Monumental”

There are many things you can do with family and friends when you visit Lake Erie, but nothing is more relaxing than taking a ride aboard a world-class fishing boat like the Monumental and spending the day baiting your hook and pulling in award winning walleye, and a mess of tasty yellow lake perch.
Captain Todd Rowles has spent a lifetime navigating Lake Erie’s islands and fishing hot spots. Operating out of multiple locations in Marblehead, Put-in-Bay and Kelleys Island, the Monumental is close to wherever you’re staying at the lake or on the Lake Erie Islands. You’re guaranteed to enjoy your Lake Erie adventure and a day of fishing for walleye and yellow perch with this experienced US Coast Guard licensed master captain.
Captain Todd has 35 years experience boating and fishing and earned his Captain’s license while still in high school. He grew up on the lake and is very successful in pin-pointing fish and helping even first timers reel them in.
Call now, 440-465-0210 to book your charter fishing trip on the Monumental with Captain Todd Rowles. 101172814_3478630438832970_2212695094232875008_o 101696316_3491744930854854_2128352424849571840_n